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Today, I want to thank you, teacher.

“Thank you”. When was the last time you said that to a teacher? Whether it is for grade submissions after many late nights of burning oil, or performing their various lists of duties in a single day, or their unmatched level of care, helping and guiding learners with enthusiasm to discover their true potential, newly confidence in succeeding and growth, and directing them to become the most powerful they could be.

In this universal never-ending learning world, there are millions of reasons to thank a teacher, as they perform daily duties that will leave us astonished by the quantity of hats they have worn every single day, under the well-known huge “umbrella of love”.

So today, we are sending our gratitude to you, teacher, wherever you are, all over our country and the world, especially to those we work with every day, simply for being who you are and doing what you do, for your struggles, your triumphs, your passion for teaching and the huge impact you have on your learners beyond the classroom, and for the permanent change you bring to their lives.

Without you, we would not have engineers, doctors, CEOs, lawyers, dentists, artists and many more. You help shape, form, and make them. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. Teacher Appreciation Week or not, thank you. We appreciate you!

Written by Cathmaré Koegelenberg

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