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Vacancy : Chief Financial Officer

Are you a Chartered Accountant ready to become the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a leading South African education group? Apply today for this great opportunity! The group has been in the Education industry for over 20 years and has…


As part of our vision to create jobs and train assistants and teachers EduLife is offering different bursaries to different levels of students and grade 12 learners who are interested in becoming teachers and or sports coaches. This is an excellent opportunity for prospective teachers to gain practical experience in the school environment while studying towards accredited Education qualification. Interns will work under normal educational conditions under supervision of qualified educators.

  • Passionate about engaging in a teaching career Pre School, Primary School or High School level
  • Students must already be registered in one of the above courses with an accredited Tertiary Institution and must have completed their second year. Only top students will be considered in collaboration with the accredited tertiary institution.
  • Top grade 12 learners who are planning to study Education will be considered for second level of internship.
  • Learners and students from previously disadvantage groups and / or students in need of financial assistance and wish to gain workplace experience.
  • Mentoring by experienced educators.
  • Valuable professional training and workplace experience within a school environment.
  • Different bursaries will be paid to learners and students at the discretion of EduLife management according to different criteria. This might be in the form of a full or partial bursary (paying for tuition fees and text books) and/or allowance and even free or subsidised residence in the boarding school. 
  • Grade 12 students must provide proof of their enrolment for educational or sports studies and second year students have to provide proof of their final marks. 
  • If the learner or student doesn’t perform well during their studies the internship will be terminated.
  • The Intern will be expected to adhere to EduLife teacher’s code of conduct at all times.
  • Working hours will be determined by the principal of the specific school, depending on official time table of the student.
  • An Intern will be expected to assist with extra mural activities as required by the school.  
  • Interns will work closely with assigned Teacher in the daily planning and implementing of lesson plans in academic classes. 
  • The duties may involve assisting with register classes, assisting small groups of students, correcting homework, occasionally teaching lessons (supervised), preparing materials, and other teaching related duties.
  • Interns will be assessed both internally in accordance with standard practice of professional educators, and guidance and tutorship will be provided on improvement, development and structure expected of an educator in the EduLife system, and externally where the student receives university visits from the educational faculties for practical components and assessment material is both completed by both the tertiary faculty representative as well as an assigned senior educator of the school
  • Always on time – time management. Lead by example.
  • Learners need to pay the same respect to an intern than as to a teacher. No familiarity. Learners will address interns as “mr, miss, mrs, Sir, madam, teacher”.
  • Dress code as per teachers’ dress code.
  • Proper preparation and all marking have to be completed before the next lesson takes place.
  • Be prepared to take over the class at any time should the teacher be absent or called out of the class.
  • Self-discipline, self-management and self-esteem is of utmost importance as learners will easily take advantage.
  • Always be professional. Never gossip or bad mouth about the school, teachers, or students. There is a high priority on confidentiality.
  • Use discretion when introducing controversial issues in class.
  • Refrain from using “slang”.
  • Neatness. Practice writing on board skills and making use of technology. 
  • Acquaint yourself with the textbooks and materials used in the classroom. 
  • Get to know your students. Try to adjust all work to their mental level while holding them to a high standard.
  • Know and understand the code of ethics for learners as well as school rules.
  • Matriculants
  • 1st and 2nd year students
  • 3rd and 4th year students
  • Other qualified interns
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