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A “No Fear” Learning Environment in the Classroom

The skills we want our learners to take with them beyond school are those they will practice and apply throughout their lifetime. We can equip them with several, but the most important is the understanding that life will not be without failure of some sort or extend, at some stage or another in their lives.  The sooner the better they learn to accept failure and learn to overcome the fear for failure, the smoother the learning curve for their life well-being will be.

The unknown brings uncertainty and fear.  So how can you create a No Fear Learning Environment in the classroom? No-fear learning is about making mistakes and facing the fear for making mistakes, as this is the unavoidable thorns in the path on the journey of continuing growth.  As long as there is learnt from these mistakes!

The goal is to give them room to grow.  And how do we do that?

Get them out of their comfort zones
Encourage them to take learning risks and stretch themselves
Let them discover their strengths
Lead with encouragement and ways to maximize opportunities
Give constructive feedback and pinpoint how to improve
Make them feel safe
Proactive action and debriefing learning
Foster questioning skills
Sow the seeds of curiosity and courage for lifelong learning

Teach them not to fear failure

We must be the safety nets for our learners while guiding them to be curious and adventurous and to have courage to take risks.  Fear is all in the mind.  Create a no-fear classroom and help learners to think of FEAR by using the acronym “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Written by Cathmaré Koegelenberg

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