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Edulife Group is a network of private schools, offering diverse and tailor-made education across the economic spectrum from affordable to high end fee schools. Our first school, Academy of Excel­lence, was established in 1998 and at present, we serve 3439 learners in 7 separate schools and a re-write centre in the Free State. Our models include independent subsidised schools, independent low fee non-subsidised schools, and private high fee estate schools. Our core values include a focused approach on the specific individual need of our learners. We strive to develop every learner to his or her maximum potential. We therefore, offer tailor-made curriculums from Cambridge and IEB (International Exam­ination Board) as well as the national NSC (National Senior Certificate) with enhancements, when needed. We are committed to opening and developing schools across the country to serve these specific educational needs for our parents and learners.

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