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Diversity for the Edulife Group is of a high priority and the Group has therefore implemented a Policy on Diversity and Transformation for managing the Constitutional and Legal Implementation of Diversity in the Group.

All the schools in the EduLife Group have already established Diversity Committees and quarterly meetings are being held at all our schools where transformation and diversity on school level is addressed. General HR matters, employment equity, infrastructure, skills development and diversity in any form are being shared and dealt with.

Additionally, in joining the Sanari portfolio of investments, the company has embraced Sanari’s Profit-with-Purpose objective and thus aims to maximise both its financial and social impact.

EduLife Group

  • have already taken the initiative to manage the transformation process from school level to Management level.
  • have an internship programme to develop future teachers and the Group will be assisting them with their studies.
  • also invests in continuous development of its permanent employees. Each employee’s promotion/career goals and performance are regularly assessed, and a development plan put in place to enable the employee.  Mentoring and on-the-job training, as well as formal learning materials and classes, are provided as part of the development plan.
  • provides training to informal contractors employed on a temporary basis. Recently we have conducted in-house training mainly at the Raceway construction site where they trained 20 black workers in areas including maintenance and building skills, driving, basic agricultural implements, gardening, safety and school security, and general work and safety.
  • schools are integral to the community in which they operate, in the leadership role they play with learners and their families, as well as in using local black suppliers wherever possible particularly in the construction and maintenance of facilities and for other services.

We are excited to be at the spear point of Transformation and Diversity in the Corporate environment and of Education.

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