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Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning is the topic of today’s learning environment.  Everywhere and everyday educators and parents are figuring it out on how social emotional learning is helping learners in school, college, university and beyond.

Various studies have been done already and almost everyone with the same outcome.  Findings are clear to be that social, emotional and academic development goes hand in hand and matters in every instance, and there are no exceptions!

Proof is there that the social-emotional learning competencies even reduce violence and drug use in communities and have positives by numbers associated with success. Student academic performance also proofed to be better.  Social and emotional skills are considered to be almost equal to cognitive skills.

Interesting to know, is that the finding of a study by OECD was that those with higher social and emotional skills at young ages are much less likely to have behavioral problems as they grow older and young ones with high levels of self-control were also shown to have greater academic attainment years later.

Also are these essential to succeed not only in school, but also in your home life and in your work community.  Yes, it could be developed and learned.  In fact, you learn them throughout childhood, adolescence, and beyond, up to the end.  Remember the saying – you’re never too old to learn!

Teach children to be open to the learn experience, emotional regulation, task performance and also collaboration and engaging with others.   Our schools’ role is to implement, foster, educate and develop, sharpens and imprint staff and learners’ social and emotional skills to ensure the growth and personal development wherein our learners will thrive.

Written by Cathmaré Koegelenberg

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