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New Campus for AOE Secondary

As all of you know, the big question on all your minds has been: “When are we moving to new premises?” The answer is: “January 2023, to Raceway Park”

The EduLife Group in partnership with Academy of Excellence Primary and High School have been very fortunate in light of the global pandemic and the challenges faced, to have offered and continue to offer our children a place where they are growing and excelling with high-quality academic activities.

In 2023, we are proud to continue the legacy of our Founding father, Oom Koos Engelbrecht, and his family as we now move our High School to its new home at Raceway Park. With our combined Academy of Excellence High School and Primary School together on one premises, it will provide you with the convenience and continuity of a one-stop educational experience for all learners.

As part of our Academy of Excellence family, we would like you to join us in celebrating this next chapter of our new journey as we move to our new facilities which will further enhance our offering to our learners and the community at large. The new school further enhances its value by offering our children a wider range of academic-, cultural- and sporting facilities and activities and a whole lot more in its LARGER and BETTER facilities.

To set our school apart from the brand-new facilities, the school will further extend its academic offerings in 2023 in the fields of IT with the introduction of Coding and Robotics, an Agri-cultural component, as well as studies in the field of business, entrepreneurship, and Accounting.

We are beyond excited about the possibilities this new location holds including providing a safe and secure environment for our children but also the huge amount of space to further expand our offering to you and the community.

This is all the info we can provide at this time. Registrations for 2023 will take place from July 2022, and due to high demand, we are offering our existing learners the first choice at retaining their seats. We hope the majority of our families will take this new journey with us! We will share more information with you and have parent meetings to share all the news for you and the learners to share in the excitement.

NEW ADDRESS: Linquinda, Raceway Park
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 051 010 5204

One last thought I had about all of this is; what a great community we live in and how powerful it is to see God’s work before our eyes!

Let us take hands and take our school of Excellence to the next level!!!


Willie Havenga
Academic Head/Rector/Director

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