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The end of a school career

Here you are at the end of your school career! It was a dozen or more years since your parents enrolled you in your first grade. What an amazing achievement!
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Social-Emotional Learning

Everywhere and everyday educators and parents are figuring it out on how social emotional learning is helping learners in school, college, university and beyond.
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Setting your child free from perfection

Is your child a perfectionist? No, it is not a disorder, it is a personality trait. There might be good, as well as bad in it to be a perfectionist. However, most researches show that it could be harmful too, therefor it has to be addressed.
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A “No Fear” Learning Environment in the Classroom

The skills we want our learners to take with them beyond school are those they will practice and apply throughout their lifetime. We can equip them with several, but the most important is the understanding that life will not be without failure of some sort or extend, at some stage or another in their lives.
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Today, I want to thank you, teacher.

“Thank you”. When was the last time you said that to a teacher? Whether it is for grade submissions after many late nights of burning oil, or performing their various lists of duties in a single day, or their unmatched…

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